Carleton University – Health Sciences Building

An innovative utility distribution strategy redefines how laboratory buildings breathe

Science + Technology

This all-new building for Carleton’s Department of Health Sciences facilitates an interdisciplinary approach to health research and education, drawing together the biomedical, social, and environmental sciences in an open and collaborative environment. In rethinking how laboratory spaces are served, we arrived at an innovative sidehouse configuration. By stacking the mechanical and electrical utilities along one exterior wall and extending services horizontally across each level, we delivered the university multiple benefits: reduced construction time, lower construction cost, greater space efficiency, improved maintenance access, and increased flexibility and adaptability.

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Ottawa, ON
132,000 sq ft
Carleton University
4 Green Globes Certified

Chorley + Bissett
Montgomery Sisam Architects
Pageau Morel & Associates

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Laboratory Design


Sidehouse utilities tower directly connects services to high-intensity laboratory and laboratory support spaces. Mechanical and electrical services extend horizontally from the sidehouse across each laboratory level, increasing airflow efficiency, easing maintenance, and improving adaptability to changing program requirements.

The massive air handling units, the lungs of the laboratories, are immediately adjacent to the spaces they serve.

Clean-lined laboratory benching and millwork is finished in a tranquil off-white with accents of charcoal gray.

Generous circulation spaces and recessed service lines prevent accidents and promote social interaction.

Enclosed by metal mesh, the benchside controls are protected while remaining visible and accessible.

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