Living Shangri-La Vancouver

Structurally sound elegance

Mixed-Use, Residential

This 62-storey / 646 ft tower incorporates retail, restaurants, Shangri-La Hotel/Spa, office levels, with residential levels above, and a seven-storey underground parkade. The stepped tower core design, which reflects the three primary building functions and the triangular building mass, evolved from close collaboration between the architects and our office. This core was able to achieve the ISO-suggested wind motion limits without the use of supplemental mechanical or hydraulic damping. The lack of damping devices allows freedom of space for the architect and landscape architect to plan for private sky gardens with individual lap pools for the penthouse residences.

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Vancouver, BC
696,338 sq ft
Westbank Projects Corp.

James K.M. Cheng Architects

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Structural Engineering

Living Shangri-La Vancouver stands out over the city’s skyline, providing amazing views of the downtown core and North Shore mountains.

The building has a stepped-tower-core-design, which reflects the primary building functions, and the triangular building mass.

The Shangri-La set Vancouver’s record at the time for the deepest excavation, at 26 m (85 ft).

The building has a ductile coupling stepped core that houses nine elevators and stairs with steps occurring at level 17 (top of hotel) and at level 46 with three elevators terminating at each step.

The build began with a pour in place concrete building gravity system. The tower structure is resting on a 12’ deep raft and pad foundation of various depth on sandstone.

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