Pearson Dogwood Policy Plan

Setting a global standard for health and well-being

Urban Planning & Policy

DIALOG was engaged by Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) to assist in the redevelopment and sale of a 25.4-acre parcel land; the sale would generate revenue for health care while developing a resource that benefited the community. The redevelopment would transform an under-utilized site into a complete community that set a new standard for sustainability and healthy living for up to 5,000 people. The process involved extensive community engagement, and applied a whole health lens to planning and urban design. The project culminated in a policy statement that was unanimously adopted by City Council.

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Vancouver, BC
Vancouver Coastal Health

Bunt & Associates
HAPA Collaborative

DIALOG Services

Planning & Urban Design

City building opportunity

Pearson Dogwood is situated along the Cambie Corridor, Vancouver’s most important rapid transit connection. The redevelopment of this site was an enormous city-building opportunity.

Looking for public input

The project team worked with Vancouver Coastal Health and the City of Vancouver to conduct engagement with neighbours, residents and other key stakeholders.

A "whole health" neighbourhood

A vision for “whole health” – a holistic view of people, communities, and the environment of which we are all apart – emerged as the foundation for the plan.

Healthy destinations

The program for the site included community health services, a therapy pool, homes for people with complex care needs, neighbourhood shops and services, and more.

Planning the site together

Interactive models with moveable pieces representing buildings and amenities were used in community meetings, to allow participants to get their hands on the project to explore various options.

Optimizing land use

The engagement team worked with stakeholders to get their input, as well as show them exactly how much land was required to meet density targets and building requirements.

The Team

Pearson Dogwood: A New Model for Health & Wellness Setting a global standard for health and well-being


2015 Award of Excellence in Policy PlanningPlanning Institute of BC