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Ryan McClanaghan Associate, Architect BA | MArch | Architect AIBC Vancouver

Ryan is an architectural and urban designer whose work is informed by design innovation, research, and collaboration with clients and colleagues. He brings experience in mixed-use, office, residential and master planning projects gained through an international career with firms in Canada, the United States, and Germany. An advocate for functional, elegant designs that are specific to a project’s unique culture, local community and environment, Ryan also looks at each project as an opportunity for creative evolution. 

In 2016, Ryan received a grant to study mass timber and freeform timber design and construction in Europe. He is currently immersed in DIALOG’s growing portfolio of mass timber projects, most notably as the project designer of 2150 Keith Drive, a 10-storey mass timber office building located in Vancouver, BC. The project’s innovative structural system is undergoing comprehensive structural testing at Queens University and the University of Alberta, to help inform tall wood projects in the future. Ryan is currently a member of the City of Vancouver’s Mass Timber Advisory Committee.

What’s your favourite DIALOG project?
Having always felt comfortable working in cities and urban contexts, working on the Williamette Falls River Walk with Snøhetta and Mayer / Reed introduced me to new ways to design with landscape, topography, and hydrology, and opened new creative avenues in my work going forward.

What’s one skill (outside of work) that you’d like to learn?
I would love to try to make some furniture, but unfortunately, I am not handy enough in a workshop yet!

What’s in your office snack drawer?
Some dark chocolate and an espresso cup I brought back from Switzerland.

What’s one quote you live by?
“Simplicity is complexity resolved.” – Constantin Brancusi

I believe that in the seemingly ordinary, with creativity and hard work, there is an opportunity to do something extraordinary.

Master of Architecture
University of Toronto

Bachelor of Arts
University of Toronto

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