The Park

An orchid next to Balboa Park


The building’s 62 luxury residences are delicately crafted with expansive interiors that unfold onto vast balconies overlooking San Diego. The design team, having examined the public realm, local San Diego culture, and the city’s pleasurable weather, designed floorplans that blur the sense of indoor / outdoor. These unprecedented balconies are juxtaposed with warm internal material finishes. Volakas marble and walnut work together to reflect comforting light in the early mornings and evenings.

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San Diego, CA
160,000 sq ft
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Structural Engineering

The Park offers a new model for densification and residential design in San Diego.

The building animates the streetscape with thoughtful moves that elevate the experience of both inhabitants and the public realm.

This model for urbanization gives traditional open plan experiences within a vibrant community that’s accessible to the city’s downtown through ground-level retail and patio experiences.

It delivers the sense of a high-end hotel, with the personality and character of a neighbourhood.

Thoughtful layouts

Indoors and outdoors work together to create expansive layouts, modelled after the rancher homes in the suburbs of San Diego.

Spaces blend well and are intentionally placed to work with the sun’s movements throughout the day.

Bedrooms lookout over the city and the sea for increased serenity.

Biodiversity and community

An indoor plaza provides internal circulation routes that promote collisions between neighbours, creating an environment for relationship building. Green roofs improve views from apartments.

A pool, adjacent to the fitness centre, provides respite in the California heat

Energizing the street

Six street-level townhouses step out and blend with the street and Balboa Park, animating the sidewalk.

The Team

The American Dream - The Park, Bankers Hill An orchid next to Balboa Park