Toronto Metropolitan University – Research Laboratories at MaRS

New research laboratories at the epicentre of Toronto’s Discovery District

Science + Technology

Perched high in the MaRS II building, this research facility for Toronto Metropolitan University’s Department of Chemistry and Biology capitalizes upon panoramic views of Queen’s Park and the University of Toronto campus. By placing the CL2 biocontainment zones and support spaces at the building core, we opened up the laboratory benches, offices, and collaboration areas to perimeter walls of floor-to-ceiling glass. Specialized facilities include culture rooms for standard and viral vector tissue cultures, a radioisotope lab, advanced microscopy, and an NMR spectrometer. As well as contributing to an airy and energizing workplace, the generous natural light and inspirational views encourage social interaction among researchers and foster connections to the surrounding life sciences community.

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Toronto, ON
20,000 sq ft
Toronto Metropolitan University

Mayhew Inc.
Smith + Andersen

DIALOG Services

Laboratory Design

Open laboratory benching and a minimum of partition walls make the most of natural light.

Spots of vibrant colour energize a neutral palette.

Comfortable lounge chairs with writing tablets support group collaboration or individual contemplation.

A flexible meeting space is created by lightweight, easily movable tables and seating.

The Team