University Health Network – Centre for Cell and Vector Production

Creating the building blocks for breakthrough therapies

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Located within Toronto’s MaRS Discovery District, the Centre for Cell and Vector Production manufactures cells and viral vectors—vital components of clinical trials for promising new cell therapies and gene therapies. To produce multiple product lines while avoiding cross-contamination, the CCVP is designed as a series of controlled Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) environments: cell and vector production is segregated within ten individual Class 10,000 clean rooms, each adaptable to exacting requirements. Production facilities are augmented by a dedicated quality testing laboratory and a 25,000-vial cryogenic storage facility.

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Toronto, ON
21,000 sq ft
University Health Network

Crossey Engineering Ltd.
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Interior Design
Laboratory Design

Even high-containment spaces have visual connections to the outdoors.

Window-walls provide stunning views from the MaRS tower.

Glazed panels provide clear sightlines into laboratory spaces for safety and security.

Sliding doors and generous clearances around equipment ease maintenance and replacement.

Views of Toronto’s Hospital Row remind staff of the importance of the research the CCVP serves.

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