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For the University of Calgary, the stewardship of its properties provides an opportunity to support its academic mission financially and qualitatively by delivering a sustainable source of revenue and enhancing the experience of learning, living, working, and visiting the campus. In 2011, the West Campus Development Trust (WCDT) retained DIALOG to lead a master planning process, crafting a vision and key principles through an extensive consultation and design process. The resulting Master Plan, Architectural Guidelines, Sustainability Strategy, and ultimately Land Use and Outline Plan approvals with the City, establish the formation of a transformative neighbourhood for NW Calgary – a diverse, vibrant, mixed-use, walkable, complete community.

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Calgary, AB
West Campus Development Trust
LEED® Platinum certified

WATT Consulting Group
IBI Group

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Planning & Urban Design

Walkable streets

Street-facing buildings, ground-level storefronts, patios, and continuous sidewalks support a pedestrian-friendly experience.

North neighbourhood

The plan includes a range of housing densities and forms.

South neighbourhood
Central Park

Residents, employees, and visitors will have access to civic spaces, public spaces, and recreation facilities in the community.

Mixed-use office and retail

An office precinct supports the existing hospital.

The Team

This particular project will change the face of the city forever. It’s a remarkable opportunity – don’t screw it up.

Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary

It all started with a sketch.


University District is located adjacent to existing communities, which meant that the concept of connections was integral to the design. The community was planned to maximize connections to existing infrastructure (University of Calgary, Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Child Development Centre, etc.) and adjacent communities.

Four distinct communities
Active nodes for amenities
Transition of density

Buildings in West Campus will range from two storeys for some street-fronting developments to 16 storeys for important landmark sites. Buildings with a greater height along the street frontage are generally located north of West Campus Way, where views from existing, surrounding neighbourhoods will not be impacted.

Pedestrian and bicycle networks

The neighbourhood was designed with bicycle lanes and connections to the City of Calgary pathways system. The community also supports bicycles by requiring outdoor bicycle racks and storage in buildings. Buildings will provide bicycle parking and vehicle parking spaces for carpooling / car-sharing.

Green spine and open spaces

The park and adjacent plaza are highly accessible, linked to the north and south neighborhoods, the hospital, and office precinct west, and the University east, by a series of pedestrian connections and trails.


2015 People’s Choice AwardCalgary Mayor's Urban Design Awards
2015 Honourable Mention, Approved or Adopted Urban Design PlansCalgary Mayor's Urban Design Awards