York University – Life Sciences Building

A new research and teaching hub for the life sciences

Science + Technology

Wrapped in a kinetic pixel-patterned skin, the Life Sciences Building is the home of York University’s Department of Biology. Open, airy public spaces, classrooms, and lecture halls on the ground floor lead to flexible teaching laboratories and CL2 research laboratories above, with specialized suites for advanced microscopy and nuclear imaging. We accelerated a compressed fast-track schedule through design strategies such as a simple rectilinear building form, a modular structural grid, bubble-deck concrete floorplates, and a prefabricated wall system with prefinished interior and exterior panels.

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Toronto, ON
160,000 sq ft
York University

Blackwell Structural Engineers
Crossey Engineering Ltd.
SSG Architecture (envelope)

DIALOG Services

Interior Design
Laboratory Design

Pixel-patterned facades create a distinct identity for the Life Sciences Building.

A prefabricated wall system with prefinished interior and exterior panels allowed for rapid on-site assembly, saving construction time and expense.

CL2 laboratories maintain an open and airy ambience with generous natural light.

Broad staircases and ample circulation areas reduce crowding during class changes.

Wall and ceiling panels of warm-toned hardwoods help control ambient noise and provide visual and tactile connections to the natural world.

Lecture theatres and large meeting rooms are conveniently located on the ground floor. Glass walls overlook the landscaped entrance terrace.

Sloped-floor lecture theatres are engineered for high levels of acoustic performance and integrate advanced audio-visual and lighting systems.

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