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Amrinder Gill Associate, Intern Architect  MArch | BArch | MRAIC Toronto

Amrinder Gill is an internationally trained architect in architecture and urban design. He believes in a mindset and ability that allows us to grow with technology, to remain resilient and flexible in design, and reimagine how we can build and operate projects that continually consume less as we move forward. His joy in architecture comes from the opportunity to resolve complex issues layer by layer on technically demanding projects that require precision. Alongside innovation, he seeks to bring objectivity and transparency into the design process. 

Amrinder’s interest in multifaceted, process-driven projects has landed him in leadership roles on various science and technology projects at DIALOG. He is uniquely capable of thinking at the urban macro scale as well as the benchtop micro scale, allowing him to integrate the full spectrum of architecture with technical laboratory planning in his work. He has led the design of a multistorey teaching and research facility within a downtown tower typology for Toronto Metropolitan University; the highly efficient transformation of an industrial site into production labs at Eurofins Alphora Hadwen; and Clinical Labs at Mount Sinai Hospital. Amrinder is currently thinking about how labs can be transformed into results-oriented, 21st-century workplaces. He is also the Toronto founding member of DIALOG’s Science and Technology Community of Practice leadership initiative. 

What’s your favourite DIALOG project? Why?

Sherman Health Sciences Research Centre. The project is a transformation of an existing hockey arena into a research centre that takes an innovative approach of creating a building within a building. In other words, a research facility making use of an existing building. It is an exemplary sustainable approach to S+T buildings and embraces innovative design strategies. It demonstrates how we can bring back life to our old buildings in a positive way for our communities.  

If you could work a ‘day-in-the-life’ of another discipline/department at DIALOG, whose would it be? Why? 

The Landscape Team. I want to experience how our landscape team enables animation of human activities, integrates functions in complex nature forms, and brings more meaning to the outdoors in a sustainable way.  

How do you hope your work positively impacts our communities and environment?

Every project I work on has a research component, which pushes towards future discoveries in life sciences, cell research and medicine, space, life safety testing, food security and various emerging technologies, all positively contributing to human life, communities, and the environment. 

What’s one ‘Pro Tip’ you live by?

Always work towards making each other’s lives easier. 



Master of Architecture (Urban Design)
CEPT University

Bachelor of Architecture
GND University

IPLAN post-professional training
Toronto Metropolitan University / JVS Toronto

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