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Darrell Halliwell Architect Architect, AAA | NWTAA Edmonton

Darrell is a guiding force behind our team’s strategic direction and management, bringing senior-level experience to projects across Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. His expertise with private sector clients encompasses commercial offices, mixed-use, high-rise, multi-family residential, retail, and light industrial projects, as well as master planning for major developments.

Darrell knows the importance of integrating many functions, uses, and people within a place to increase the vibrancy of a community. As market conditions and demographics evolve, he examines alternatives that capture the imagination of an ever-changing population. Darrell works to arrive at the right design solution so that a project becomes an active nucleus that people genuinely want to be a part of. A proponent of dynamic, upbeat team culture, his project success is achieved by finding the perfect mix of community context and client aspirations.

Darrell was a partner at DIALOG for nearly 20 years, and remains active and fully engaged with design teams and clients on projects across our studios.



Master of Architecture
University of Manitoba

Bachelor of Environmental Studies
University of Manitoba

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