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Gerard Dourado Associate, Architect  Toronto

Gerard brings over 20 years of architectural design, contract administration, and project management experience to DIALOG. He thrives in the process of design by discovering the necessary problems to be solved, facilitating the exchange of ideas across team members, and ultimately serving as an educator in the translation of conceptual work to the built form. Proactive and energetic, Gerard is a motivational force for his team members while leading complex projects, as well as through his work mentoring younger staff. He takes pride in seeing the growth of his mentees in the profession, many of whom have become his peers and beyond.  

As a technical architect, Gerard has the capabilities to contribute to a wide variety of typologies. He is especially experienced in healthcare, education, and science and technology projects. Gerard’s notable projects include the George Brown College Waterfront Campus, the Cambridge Memorial Hospital Capital Redevelopment, and the Dartmouth General Hospital. Within DIALOG, Gerard contributes to several communities with a production and technical focus. He is a member of the Ontario Association of Architects, the Toronto Society of Architects, the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada, and the Canadian Green Building Standards Council. 

What’s your favourite DIALOG project? Why?
Dartmouth General Hospital was a special project for me because of how important it was for the Province of Nova Scotia, but also the ability to work with many talented colleagues, clients, and contractors across the country.  I learned a lot from working on that project and about myself and I am much better from that experience. 

What’s one thing about you that would surprise people?

I enjoy seeing and creating animal artwork. I picked up sketch, drawing, and painting a few years ago after not producing any drawings or paintings for many years.  It is a creative release for me on a Friday night or Saturday morning. I consider it very therapeutic and engaging, as I spend as much time studying the animals as I do drawing them.  

What’s one ‘Pro Tip’ you live by?
Learn from yourself and from others. If you keep your mind open to learning, life will be always interesting. 



Master of Architecture
University of Calgary

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