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Raul Dominguez Partner, Mechanical Engineer BEng | PEng Toronto

Raul brings over 18 years of experience to his role as the mechanical team lead in our Toronto studio. A desire to bring sustainability and community wellbeing to the built environment underscores all of Raul’s work. Dedicated to delivering high-quality service focused on energy efficiency, his approach is founded on solid engineering principles that use technology and optimization to drive change in our industry. Raul treats energy use intensity (EUI) and carbon reduction as being equally crucial as initial project cost. Applying that lens has made him skilled at reducing the operational maintenance of every built space while staying within budget. To achieve these project goals, Raul works primarily with high-performance buildings and integrated smart building concepts.

Teamwork, collaboration, and integration are the core principles of Raul’s leadership style. He believes that listening, empowering, and challenging each other is the best way to steer his team towards a common goal. 

Whose work are you most impressed by?
Our green team’s ability to drive initiatives and awareness in policies across our country is amazing.

Where’s your happy place?
Solving problems.

What’s your favourite DIALOG initiative?
Build DIALOG. It’s a great internal initiative we have to offer to our future leaders of our firm.

Where’s your happy place?
Home with my newborn.


Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Ryerson University

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