Capcom Corporate Workplace, Burnaby

CapCalm, and Game On!

Office & Workplace

Gaming company office designs are typically loud and busy, but not Capcom’s Vancouver headquarters. Capcom wanted a refined space that offered moments of reflection, where visitors and employees could be inspired by the company’s legacy but still inspired to grow into the future. ‘CapCalm’, an homage to the company’s Japanese roots, was born, providing a meditative response to the maturing industry and the creative team’s need for a little Zen amidst the stressful world of video game animation.

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Burnaby, BC
52,000 sq ft
Capcom Game Studio, Burnaby

Applied Engineering Solutions Ltd
BMZSE Structural Engineers
Panther Creative
Turner Construction

DIALOG Services

Interior Design
Mechanical Engineering

Life-size figures from games stand out against the space’s refined and elegant palette.

Sand gardens encircle meeting rooms, metaphorically segregating them from the rest of the office.

Together with Capcom’s animators the design team developed a two-story projection featuring one-of-a-kind Capcom Koi that gently swim in and out of the two-story void.

Origami folds is a design theme that threads throughout the space. Side tables, the reception desk and meeting room facades pay homage to the tradition.

Wood slatted ceilings are an elegant re-interpretation of a tatami mat. They redefine the pre-existing exposed and industrial ceiling while clearly defining where the collaborative nodes are.

The Team

We are in a very stressful industry, and anything we can do to keep the place more calm and more focused can help employees and us get our work done.

Bryce Cochrane, Creative Director, Capcom

The team’s interest in tatami mats started an exploration of the company’s country of origin.

Sand gardens encircle meeting rooms, metaphorically segregating them from the rest of the office.

One leaves previous thoughts and work in the office when travelling over stones to enter the meeting room, stepping into a new arena designed for collaborative creativity.

Elements of the sand gardens extend into breakout meeting areas, where the seating looks like enlarged pebbles.

Artful graphics

DIALOG and Capcom’s animators worked together to create a digital projection.

The projection features one-of-a-kind Capcom koi that gently swim in a two-storey void.

Folded meeting rooms

The origami theme continues to unfold throughout the space as motifs on glass…

and carries on into the meeting rooms.


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