Vivo for Healthier Generations

A new model for health and wellness

Healthcare & Wellness

Vivo is on a mission to raise healthier generations in Calgary and beyond. Everything the organization does, including the expansion, is anchored to this vision. By design, the facility will model and demonstrate innovation and healthy living leadership, expanding well beyond what has traditionally been expected of a sports and recreation space. The main upgrades planned for the existing facility include an expanded aquatics centre, an expanded fitness centre, an indoor park, the Canadian Healthier Living Academy for Healthier Generations, and a living lab space simulating real-life environments, with a dedicated space for one-on-one consultations, a multi-purpose classroom, and a multimedia studio.

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Calgary, AB
87,187 sq ft
Targeting LEED® Gold certification

Back of Napkin Strategies Inc.
Benchmark Projects Ltd.
Costplan Management Ltd.
David Hewko Associates
FFA Consultants
Sereca Consulting Inc.

DIALOG Services

Landscape Architecture
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Structural Engineering
Interior Design

Eastern philosophy based elements (water, fire, earth, air, wood, and metal) will be integrated through the facility to connect to all ages, abilities, and cultures. 

Almost tripling the current fitness area in size, the expanded aquatics centre features a cooler water six-lane 25-metre pool tank to complement the existing leisure pool. 

It will feature two Zen studios, one spin room, an enclosed consultation space, and an equipment repair room.

Beyond the walls

Literally expressed in the architectural design is the boundless open / transparent connection out to the community.

An interior park gathers people all year long, providing park space in the Alberta winter months.

The Team

Vivo for Healthier Generations Expansion - Fly-through A new model for health and wellness
Design Guidelines

‘Spontaneous Active Play’ leads the guidelines. What emerged was a design that offers flexible spaces for all ages and cultures to be spontaneous.

Parti drawing

The rough sketch establishes the foundational shape for the building. Undulating inclusions merge the outside, in.

Light study

Skylights are imagined to create the even flow of light.

Gardens in and out

As light travels, so too the green spaces, establishing an internal garden.

Nature and outdoors

Interior spaces and activities merge effortlessly with the outside world.