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DIALOG was the architect and coordinating professional for three stations on the 19-kilometre rapid transit line from downtown Vancouver to YVR airport: Langara, Oakridge, and King Edward. We were also instrumental in developing an appropriate architectural response for the entire 16-station Canada Line system, including sourcing and defining a suitable materials palette and establishing the direction for the design of various building systems.

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Vancouver, BC
SNC-Lavalin & TransLink
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Oakridge - 41st Ave. Station

The Oakridge – 41st Ave. station is nestled into a public plaza at the front entry of a prominent retail mall (Oakridge Centre).

A painted steel structure clips to projecting concrete forms, acting as the armature for a floating wood-lined roof. Captured roof water spills down a concrete channel adjacent to the entry.

Extensive frameless glazing allows clear sight lines to the plaza beyond, and spills natural light down the stairs, escalator, and elevator.

Langara - 49th Ave. Station

The station brings rapid transit to a single-family residential neighborhood. It’s also only a few blocks from the Langara College campus.

Clear sightlines, illuminated interior surfaces and station-specific accent colours allow for safe and easy wayfinding.

Station designs are consistent from one stop to the next, while still having their own identities.

King Edward Station

King Edward occupies a busy corner just north of the Cambie St. heritage boulevard. The entry replaces a single storey strip mall, making way for future higher density, mixed-use development.

The structure maximizes daylighting and visual connections with the street. A glazed portico with an exposed wood roof extends, creating a forecourt to the east.

The platform for inbound trains sits adjacent the public concourse. Descending one more level brings passengers to the outbound track.

The Team

The design for the original King Edwards station at-grade entry / exit.

The original station entry / exit replaced a single storey strip mall, with an expectation of future higher density, mixed-use development butted against and over the station.

East entrance / exit to the station, immediately after construction.

South view of the King Edwards Station at-grade entrance / exit immediately after construction.

New south view of the King Edwards Station at-grade entrance / exit.

Looking east across the front of the King Edward Station.