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Inspired by a simple photograph of a mountain scape, the interior design team designed Edgar’s office to reflect a crisp, clean, white mountain of ice. The intent was to bring the outdoors in and create a grounded, inspiring space for employees to flourish. Given the competitive nature of Edgar’s business, the final design had to leave a lasting impression on clients and employees. The space needed to echo the innovative and aspirational values of Edgar’s mission. The team delivered a compelling and memorable space that ups the ante on alpine design and suggests that office space doesn’t need to be prescriptive or constrained – it can be art, as well.

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Vancouver, BC
3,800 sq ft
Edgar Development

Integral Group
Glasfurd & Walker
Ventana Construction

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Interior Design

Visitors to the Edgar Development offices are greeted in reception with an amazing 40′ backlit mountain scape. This is centered to allow natural daylight to filter in from all sides of the office.

The colour palette used in boardrooms mirrors the blacks, greys, and white of the alpine photo in the reception area.

The extending space reflects rocklike formations that compress, expand, and frame a visitor’s experience as they journey through the office space.

Interior offices and work spaces are bright, open, and reflect the theme of the rest of the office.

3D faceted meeting areas are made from different tones of felt, which naturally resemble cracks in the rock formations. These formations serve as highly acoustical meeting areas.

Passageways through the rocklike formations are lit from below, and have bright destinations and the end.

As if looking up to the top of a mountain, the office is now easily recognizable by the beam of light located in the staff eatery. Street level passersby can see the office within a five-block radius.

The Team

Our new office was designed with our future in mind and we are already seeing firsthand the benefits from clients and employees. Interestingly enough, most people don’t want to seem to leave once they arrive.

Peter Edgar, President of Edgar Development
High acoustic design

The open plan design, coupled with the sensitivity of information being shared, needed acoustic muting.

Meeting rooms are also lined with Tectum Finale panels that manifest the project’s mountain theme and hinders sound travel.

These panels move through the office, trapping sound to quiet the space and infuse the office with unique faceted gestures.


2017 Award of Excellence, Workplace TotalIDIBC