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DIALOG Announces New Associates

January 23, 2024

DIALOG is delighted to recognize 15 new associates as leaders in our practice.  

Across disciplines and geographies, these leaders are carving new paths, innovating, and pushing boundaries through the power of design. Tackling everything from climate change to affordable housing, we are incredibly proud to recognize their leadership within our practice, industry, and communities.

Congratulations to all of our new Associates! Get better acquainted with this group below.

Meet our newest associates:

Carolyn Cuthbert Associate, Architect
Chrissy James Associate, Intern Architect 
Dorsa Jalalian Associate, Senior Urban Designer
Farah Al Amin Associate, Intern Architect
Gregory Gomes Associate, Electrical Engineer
Maren McBride Associate, Senior Landscape Architect 
Meeta Lele Associate, Architect
Moda Samsam Associate, Architect
Neil Corbilla Associate, Architect
Patrick Skogman Associate, Senior Project Manager
Sebastián Carrizo Associate, Senior Building Performance Consultant
Shea Gonzalez Associate, Electrical Engineering Technologist
Shea Weber Associate, Architectural Technologist
Stewart Burgess Associate, Architect
Vita Leung Associate, Marketing and Business Development Leader