Global Consulting Firm Fit-Out

Corporate evolution

Office & Workplace

This eight-floor transformation for a global consulting firm’s Vancouver headquarters floods the space with natural light, future-proofs the company for growth, and offers a visual representation of the brand’s evolution, which recently shifted to new, flattened hierarchies. This shift in culture translated into the delivery of natural daylight and views to all employees by placing workstations, open collaboration hubs, and coffee rooms along the perimeter of each floor, and by centralizing private phone rooms and closed, collaborative working areas.

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Vancouver, BC
120,000 sq ft
Workplace strategy

This firm is a large global company and the Vancouver office is unique within the organization. Employees wanted a space that announced their local identity. 

“Our office should reflect our own city to set us apart.”  – Employee

Cue a Pacific North West journey: beginning in the basin of the city, driving up the windy and inspiring Sea to Sky highway, and reaching a pinnacle destination in the mountains.

This design promotes a dynamic space that encourages movement so employees to engage with the entire office.

An evolving corporation

Workstations have sit-stand desks, large meeting rooms unfold into open, inviting environments, and there are collaborative rooms for group projects.

All enclosed rooms are built with DIRTT demountable walls to accommodate for growth.

This allows the company the opportunity to make growth changes in a cost-effective and non-disruptive way.


The company’s logo is also a strong identifying factor throughout the space through colour. The layers of the logo represent the core values of the firm.

The Team

The personal and professional relationships we formed through this project were as impactful as the change we created for the firm when we transformed their space to reflect their local and global presence.

Sara Remocker, Interior design team lead
Vancouver's urban fabric

The concept draws on the city it’s in. Vancouver is encompassed by water. Its own circulatory routes take advantage of mountain views that are reflected in the built environment.

The pre-existing space had a hierarchy of views, with small management offices lining its perimeter, resulting in tight and confusing walking paths.

All new floor plans opened the space to natural light by removing perimeter offices and creating intuitive circulation.


2018 Award of Merit – Workplace PartialIDIBC